Hi, my name is Marwane.

Hi, my name is Marwane Baaout.

I'm a Film Editor & Special Effects Makeup.

Namasté and welcome to my personal website, you can find here some samples and work pieces from my job as well as some personal projects that i have developed just for fun.

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Amv - iBebop

i remember the first time i saw the end credits of Amv hell 5, i loved it, the mix between the vocals was awesome, so i did some research for this genre of music, i alsso...

Website - My Portfolio V 2.0

This is the 3th design of my personal website, made with Xhtml, Css and Photoshop, this is the last time that i will use 'img map'
it's very hard to find the coordinations...

Video Editing - documentary leonardo da vinci

This is my documentary film on Leonardo da Vinci, his life, his works, his world, i made it with Final cut and After effects and Photoshop...

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Have a question, comment, or perhaps a project or speaking engagement that you think I may be interested in ? If so, please feel free to contact me.

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